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Ullapool #laybylitterpick

Litter Pick Progress

21 Jan 2020

A9 #LaybyLitterPick

Lifted 14.3kg

21 Jan 2020

21 Jan 2020

Ullapool #LaybyLitterPick

Lifted 32.2kg

22 Feb 2020

Isle of Skye #LaybyLitterPick

Lifted 11.5KG

22 Feb 2020

01 Mar 2020

Loch Ness #LaybyLitterPick

Lifted 15.9KG

15 Jul 2020

Post Lockdown #LaybyLitterPick

Lifted 5kg

15 Jul 2020

Aug 2020

1st group #LaybyLitterPick since lockdown

Lifted 15.5kg
Covid: the #laybylitterpick is not over. 
Sadly, we had to pause the #laybylitterpick project just as it was really gaining momentum because of high levels of human excrement in the laybys.  Summer 2020 was massively busy all around the NC500 route – this, combined with the trend for ‘wild camping,’ resulted in a level of widespread roadside fouling that made it unsafe for the children to do the work.  We plan to resume clearing the plastic from our laybys just as soon as these issues have been addressed.

Ullapool Sea Savers,
Quercus, Riverside Terrace,
Ullapool, IV26 2TE

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