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Hope I can have your company again this Monday at 8pm for Sean’s Scotland, where I’ll be showing you round beautiful Wester Ross.


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A lesson from Loch Carron

What happened in Loch Carron is a window into the bright future that could exist along our coastline and a lifeboat moment for sustainable fishing in Scotland.

It shows what can be achieved with popular will, local support and political leadership – that the guardianship of our seabed for future generations is possible, and is a good thing for coastal communities.

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WTSE ambassador, Maia writes for RSPB Blog

White-tailed eagles are the UK’s largest bird of prey. They became extinct in the UK during the 20th century due to extensive habitat changes and illegal killing. They were reintroduced in the late 1970s and there are now more than 100 territorial pairs in Scotland. 

Maia, white-tailed eagle ambassador for the Ullapool Seas Savers, tells us why she loves this magnificent bird of prey.

The magnificent white-tailed eagle

Their amazing history

“I find it fascinating to hear about their incredible history. The fact that they went extinct is very sad, but I love that the re-introduction programme came in and saved them!”

They were first reintroduced on the west coast of Scotland in the 1970s, with the first pair breeding in 1983 and the first chick fledging in 1985. Thanks to two more phases of reintroduction, one in the 1990s in Wester Ross and another on the east coast of Scotland from 2007 – 2012, pairs have now been established on both coasts of Scotland. The population is slowly but continually rising. Find out more about the work being done to help this species here.

Their elegance


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West coast sea beds given protection from scallop dredging

A wildlife rich reef damaged by scallop dredging was yesterday granted permanent protection from fishing.

Scottish Government ministers had issued a temporary order banning mobile fishing on Loch Carron on Scotland’s north-west coast after an incident in 2017.

Divers who visited the Wester Ross reef, which is a nursery ground for scallops, found the area had been “intensively” dredged.

The Marine Protected Area (MPA) for Loch Carron came into force yesterday, meaning fishermen operating trawlers or dredging boats will not be able to fish.

Katie Gillham, head of marine ecosystems at Scottish Natural Heritage, said: “We’re delighted that the Loch Carron MPA is now designated on a permanent basis.

“Loch Carron is home to the world’s largest known flame shell bed – containing a quarter of a billion of the fiery orange shellfish – as well as spectacular living maerl beds.

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Loch Carron in the west Highlands has been named as a permanent Marine Protected Area. It's aimed at stopping damaging methods of fishing and securing the health and productivity of the inshore seabed.

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