Loch Carron MPA celebration dive May 2019

Short highlights of 2 dives near the western & eastern boundary of the newly designated Loch Carron Marine Protected Area on 17th May 2019

Source: Arran Coast

Marine activists join forces to raise awareness

Three young marine activists from Ullapool are joining forces with a 10-year-old Dutch campaigner to help protect the environment across international waters.

Source: The Press And Journal

We have just 10 years left to avert climate catastrophe

THE world’s “elite” gathered in Davos this week for the World Economic Forum, with environmental challenges, including a failure to mitigate climate change, at the top of their list of dangers facing the global economy.

Source: The National

Young SeaSavers Lobby To Ban Kelp Dredging in Scotland

On the west coast of Scotland, a group of middle school kids played a role in a successful campaign to stop mechanical dredging of kelp, a seaweed that grows in underwater forests and is used in commercial products like soap, some foods and medications. Kelp absorbs carbon dioxide, a bit like forest trees do, and the kelp forests are home to many marine species.

Source: The KPBS

IOSF Otter Oscar Awards 2020

2018 sees our third annual IOSF Otter Oscar Awards recognising those working in otter conservation and we are thrilled to announce the winners for this year.

Source: Otter Oscars

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