Plans to hold a beach-based seafood, music and art party had to be cancelled as the country went into lockdown. However, on learning that local prawn fishermen are facing severe financial difficulties following the collapse of the French and Spanish markets, the children decided to arrange a socially distanced prawn appreciation party instead.


After buying two days’ catch of prawns from a local creel boat, the children – with help from a couple of parents – inspected and then divided the catch into small bags, made from recycled plastic and donated by the local Tesco store. They offered these for free online, and distributed them around the village. Ullapool households then posted photos of the meals they cooked on social media.


Janis Patterson, who organises Ullapool Sea Savers, said: “Although conservation and protection of the seas and marine life are the kids’ main objective, we also recognise the importance of a healthy fishing industry as part of the system, and the place of that industry at the heart of Highland communities. In the past we have visited boats in both Ullapool and Gairloch, and we know a lot of the fishermen and their families personally.


Source: Fishing News