This summer saw some bad examples of wildlife disturbance: pods of dolphin being chased and sometimes run through by high-speed boats, being closely circled and pursued for long periods of time - even whilst young animals were with them. Seals have also been visited very closely by boats and kayaks and driven from their haul outs.

This can harm, scare and even kill wildlife so we’d like to try and help those out in Loch Broom and around the Summer Isles understand the best way to behave around our dolphins (and all wildlife.) We have teamed up with Shearwater Cruises in Ullapool to create a three-pronged awareness raising campaign.

Firstly, we made posters for accommodation providers to include in welcome packs for guests who might go out on the sea.
We’ve also had signs made that we are trying to get displayed on all the harbours and jetties around our coast.

And, last but not least, (because we believe in kid power!) we’re launching a colouring competition for young people: posters with a dolphin colouring picture on the reverse that can be coloured in and hung your window at home.

Because we believe in kid power! we’re launching a colouring competition for young people: posters with a dolphin colouring picture on the reverse that can be coloured in and hung your window at home.

How to enter the competition

Photos of the coloured in pictures hanging in your windows can be sent to the Sea Savers (info@ullapoolseasavers.com or messenger) and will be judged by our favourite dolphin photographers Charlie Phillips at the end of October.

Posters and colouring sheets are available from Ullapool Sea Saver’s HQ or the Shearwater Cruises Office in Ullapool and we can post them out to any youth clubs, schools or individuals that want them. The Ullapool Tourist Office has them for hotels, guesthouses, businesses and self-catering welcome packs. And of course we can email them out to anyone too!

Download the poster and colouring sheet
Prizes Include:
  • Adult and child ticket for Shearwater Cruises Ullapool
  • Adult and child ticket for Seascape Expeditions Ullapool
  • BDMLR teddy dolphin
  • Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust Whale Trail pack
  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation kid’s T-Shirt
  • And one of our highly sought-after Ullapool Sea Saver hats!
Shearwater Wildlife Cruises
Whale & Dolphin T-Shirt
On a Rising Tide’ – Charlie Phillips award winning dolphin book
Seascape Wildlife Adventures
Dolphin Teddy
Europe's Sea Mammals’ donated by Shetland Wildlife
Whale Trail Pack
Sea Saver Hat
RSPB Spoltight Seals’ Donated by WDC Shorewatch Volunteers

We’re hoping that by doing this everyone will learn how to treat the dolphin in a way that not only respects and protects them, but might actually make them more likely to come visit us again, allowing us all to enjoy and love them when they choose to visit.

Let’s get everyone knowing how to #RespectAndProtect our wildlife - not only good for the wildlife but also all of us who love and hope to see the animals too.

Thanks to Duncan Todd for making our poster and graphics, and to everyone who helped put up signs at Ullapool Harbour and Jetty, Badentarbet Harbour, Ullapool Campsite, Ardmair Campsite and Badluarach and Scoraig jetties on Little Loch Broom. Thanks also to everyone who donated to the #TedSquirrel Sign fund as this is has helped cover costs for the signs and posters.

Full guidelines for how best to view marine life can be found at https://www.nature.scot/professional-advice/land-and-sea-management/managing-coasts-and-seas/scottish-marine-wildlife-watching-code

(Basic summary - don’t go too fast or too close, don’t stay too long and always let them decide if they want to interact.)

If using commercial tour boats and guides, we always recommend going with WiSe trained and accredited operators.


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