It is essential to us to be well-informed about the things we are doing and telling people about. We all agree that a lot of the challenges facing our marine environment have come about because humans haven't listened to scientists carefully enough.

So we learn about science, scientific method, marine biology and a lot of other things by doing surveys. These are a lot of fun - we are very fortunate to have an excellent marine scientist leading them, so we learn a lot as we go along, and we also contribute to citizen science databases which builds our confidence and adds to a body of knowledge that can be used to inform policy at the highest levels and, ultimately, help to save our seas.

We use:
The Big Seaweed Search 
The Community-led Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Handbook 
And many of us have also recently completed our Seasearch training

Ullapool Sea Savers,
Quercus, Riverside Terrace,
Ullapool, IV26 2TE

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