When we're out exploring and beach cleaning, we often find fishing buoys that we try and return to the owner if it has a name or number we can track. WillCopestakeMedia from Kayak Summer Isles was out with the kids last week and brought us a buoy to see if we could find the owner.

It was found on Eilean a Char, one of the Summer Isles just off Ullapool (Scotland!), and whilst we have had some strange stuff wash in from a long way away, we are a little confused with this one as it is marked with the following:

"Vicious Cylde Lic# 3637 Ch 6 South End"

We've searched about but so far the only fishing boat we can find with that name is one based in Hawaii and even overlooking the fact North America is between us and them, that is almost 7,000 miles away..... Anyone able to help answer if there is another boat that would make more sense or if it could have travelled all that way somehow? Or do we have the potentially furthest returned lost buoy ever?