34th Lochbroom Community Update for COVID-19 for 5th May 2020, features interview with three of the Ullapool Sea Savers (Maia, Josh and Caillin) and Noel Hawkins. They talked about their recent ‘Prawnageddon’ action where they bought c. 70 kg of prawns from a local fisherman (Jerry Burne), sorted them (at DM Seafoods’ premises) and then offered them and delivered them free to people in Ullapool. The action was funded by the National Lottery and replaced a previous mini-festival of the sea that had been originally planned but had to be cancelled due to lockdown restrictions.


The programme also has more details on the outbreak of COVID-19 in the care home in Portree on Skye..


(Recorded evening 04.05, broadcast 05.05; update by Lisa MacDonald; Ullapool Sea Savers interview by Dave Heaney).


The whole program is great and the interview starts at 5 minutes in..


Source: LochBroom FM