Meet the Sea Savers!

Meet the Ullapool Sea Savers:  a group of passionate, articulate and dedicated young people from Ullapool, Scotland who have come together to raise awareness of the challenges facing our local marine environment and to celebrate and promote all that is wonderful about the sea around where we live.

Ullapool is a coastal village in the Scottish Highlands in the heart of Wester Ross Marine Protected Area. Ours is a community immersed in the life of the sea on every level and we are determined to do everything we can to see our incredible marine environment valued and protected, both now and for the future.

Thanks to our community of families, schools, friends and the amazing work of local groups like Living Seas Scotland, we have learnt a lot about our local marine environment and some of the amazing things we have access to by living here. However, along with that we have also learnt about some of the harm being done to the seas and marine life, locally and internationally. Rather than just getting sad and angry about this, we have come together to seek out positive, proactive ways to work to promote, protect and save the seas.  We have each become ambassador for a certain species, and we’re constantly forming partnerships and friendships with people to help us support those species.

It’s really exciting work: new ideas, plans and strategies come to life all the time! We have some really great adults supporting us, but this is a group for kids, by kids. Right from the start we have been careful to listen to each other, respect each other and make sure everyone gets heard, because each member brings their own valuable, unique element to the group. Together, we make a difference. Together, we are:

The Ullapool Sea Savers

(Individual pages have not been brought up to date for some time…for more info on the kids’ individual activities, please get in touch!)

Arwen – Sea Turtle Ambassador
Caillin – Flame Shell Ambassador
Megan – Seabird Ambassador
Poppy – Otter Ambassador
Josh – Dolphin Ambassador
Hamish – Porpoise Ambassador


Maia – White Tailed Sea Eagle Ambassador