Megan – Seabird Ambassador


The photo at the top of this page is Megan  and her family out on one of the amazing boats her dad builds.

Raised by the sea, Megan has had a lifetime of boats, snorkelling, swimming and kayaking and she really knows the sea, this girl! She also has a passion for science, we’re relying on her rigorous fact checking to make sure the Ullapool Sea Savers get it right, when they’re telling people about our seas.

Megan and Maia, fossicking on the shore….
Being interviewed for STV

Given a re-usable drinking bottle by Living Seas Project, Noel Hawkins
Talking at DolphinFest 2019 – Aberdeen

Storm Petrels – fact file

Megan’s Art


Arctic Terns drawn by Megan
Arctic Terns – they attacked her and her Dad!





Beach Litter Gannet


Megan’s adventure to Greenland…

Beach Litter Gannet

Merlin drawn using techniques from Alan Woollett’s Bird Art book: