Next Wave pod rummaging on the shore today

The Next Wave pod rummaging on the shore today after a wee session planning this term’s sea saving shenanigans….. 🙂👌💙🦀💙👌🙂

Out and about with Mada chuain again today to complete a few end-of-summer missions:

Bringing in creels for someone who’s boat engine’s broken so they can’t get out to them themselves. * Surveying for this winter’s beach clean locations - hoping to get plenty bagged up and ready for boat-uplift next spring! * Gathering in buoys and lumps of polystyrene from Horse Island….not all marine litter is created equal! The buoys are quite fun to collect - easily visible, easy to carry, usually not smelly and we can often return them to their boats or put them to use ourselves. Polystyrene is horrendous, constantly disintegrating into wee bits - you can really see the environmental harm happening as you work….

Great day to get out and uplift some rubbish

Great day to get out and uplift some rubbish from the beach at cammas an lochan bay. We couldn’t get all of it into the boat one run, but we did what we could! 💙

Big thanks to harbourmaster for taking the time to talk to USS

Big thanks to harbourmaster Kevin Peach for taking the time to talk us through the exciting new development happening at the harbour and answering quite a lot of questions! 👌

We had a great meeting with Mollie Saunders from Trees For Life

Developing a new Green/blue Leadership Award for High Life Highland! 😀👌💙🏆 Very exciting to think of young people all over Highland being encouraged to engage positively with protecting and promoting our marine environment, and getting the support and recognition they deserve for doing so.

Lovely afternoon at Ullapool Primary School fun day today!

First time we’ve rolled out The Rubbish Game for a while, and it’s still a great way to get people talking about what does and doesn’t go into the blue recycling bins, as well as other recycling systems and issues!

huge thank you to everyone involved in today’s accessible boat trips!

We’ll get the photos sorted and a full post done tomorrow, but for now we just wanted to say how grateful we are to everyone that makes it possible for USS to do this work… 🙂💙👌

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