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Nature of Scotland Awards 2019

Trip to Badcaul and Scoraig with International Otter Survival Fund

A day spent assisting Living Seas on Isle Martin, teaching kids from Strathconon primary – 21st May 2019


Photos from a day spent in Loch Carron celebrating the MPA being made permanent – May 17th 2019

Footage of trip out to Annat with Living Seas Project


Filming with STV’s Sean Batty 2nd May 2019


Pics from the kelp campaign can be seen here:  No Kelp Dredge!

Promoting the pirate themes fundraising event photoshoot:

DolphinFest 2019 – Aberdeen

Visit to the MFV Nereus in Gairloch.

They got a full tour of a working freezer prawn trawler. The Nereus is based in Gairloch but works all over the UK. Terry is a 5th generation fishermen and his family originally fished herring and Terry started work fishing when he was young and fished until today he got this boat built new 6 years ago. The boat registration ‘INS 172’ is the same his great-grandfather had on a herring boat in Avoch in 1903! The Sea Savers and Living Seas took a tour of the boat to learn a bit about how it works: the wheelhouse, net areas, sorting area, freezers, hold, galley, accommodation and engine room. We also heard about the long hours fishermen like Terry work – often all daylight hours and away at sea for weeks at a time with shorts breaks home with their family. The boat costs, equipment, fuel, food and wages all mean the boat must work hard to make a living for the crew and skipper/owner Terry. Thank you to Terry for the opportunity to tour your boat and learn a bit about life fishing and what it involves. Sea Savers want to protect our seas but also ensure they understand all sides of the issues at hand and how balances and meetings like this hopefully help everyone to work together to look after our seas best as well as livelihoods and making sure our communities can keep people and families in the Highlands too.