One of the founding members of USS, Poppy is our Otter Ambassador. She has been working closely with the International Otter Survival Fund to raise awareness of these amazing creatures and the challenges they face. She is also the creative force behind the distinctive USS ‘collage-art’ which many other Sea Savers are now also using to depict their species…

Poppy – Otter Ambassador

In December 2018 USS won an ‘Otter Oscar‘ from the International Otter Survival Fund for their campaigning to help protect kelp and otter habitat. We even got a mention about it at Holyrood!

Poppy on #NoKelpDredge

Poppy’s Otter FACTFILE (please be aware, clicking on this link will download the file to your device.)

The factfile and Otter Oscar on display!


Pics of Poppy:

Talking at DolphinFest 2019 – Aberdeen


Otter Art!
Seaweed surveying!


Finding things on the beach…


Writing letter to other otter-fans in Guyana…
  Out and about with Living Seas Project…