Recent Media Coverage

Recent media coverage (page currently being updated, sorry about the mess…):

Beach protectors become 50th group to secure funding from North Highland support

Ross-shire Journal – USS receive grant boost

21st March 2020: The Sea Savers were on Out of Doors this morning talking about squirrels, otters, litter cleans and all things sea saving with Euan McIlwraith. First radio interview like this so hope came across ok.
Janis’s part if from 10:52 to 17:25, then the kids themselves from 51:05 to 57:15.

You can listen to both clips here:


Socially distanced prawn party in Ullapool supports local fleet

3 of the Sea Savers were interviewed by David Heaney from

Lochbroom Radio about their #Prawnageddon seafood celebration, what they did and why it’s so important to support our local fishing boats just now.
The whole program is great and the interview starts at 5 minutes in.


Scotland’s Seaweed Showdown

A great wee newsletter from International Otter Survival Fund about our recent visit with  Kate Forbes MSP and her new role as Species Ambassador and #LaybyLitterPick:

Highland MSP Kate Forbes to champion Scotland’s otters in new role

Ross-shire Journal article – USS make waves at holyrood with rubbish games test

Unusual catch landed at Ullapool


Hope I can have your company again this Monday at 8pm for Sean’s Scotland, where I’ll be showing you round beautiful Wester Ross.

Gepostet von Sean Batty am Samstag, 8. Juni 2019



World Environment Day 2019

Today in Parliament Gail highlighted the importance of protecting our seagrass medows during debate to mark World Environment Day 2019

Gepostet von Gail Ross MSP am Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2019

STV report on celebration of permanent MPA status for Loch Carron
STV – 17th May 2019

Other coverage of Loch Carron MPA

A lesson from Loch Carron

BBC News – Dredger-damaged Loch Carron reef secures protected status

West coast sea beds given protection from scallop dredging

Scotsman article – scottish fishing industry fears radical measures to protect marine life

National Geographic article – loch carron flame shells

Maia’s blog about White Tailed Sea Eagles on the RSPB page:


Herald 4th May 2019








Ullapool Sea Savers Species Ambassadors Reach out to MSP Species Champion Counterparts



Ullapool sea kids open a window on Wester Ross marine delights

Ross-shire Journal – 28 March 2019



Marine activists join forces to raise awareness

Press & Journal – February 21, 2019



IOSF Newsletter – Otter Oscar Awards 2018

2018 sees our third annual IOSF Otter Oscar Awards recognising those working in otter conservation and we are thrilled to announce the winners for this year.



Patrick Harvie: We have just 10 years left to avert climate catastrophe

(25th January 2019)


Young SeaSavers Lobby To Ban Kelp Dredging in Scotland By Alison St John (KPBS Radio)


Getting our act together to save our seas

Coastal stakeholders succeed with three major breakthroughs for healthier Scottish seas (December 2018)



Ullapool kids honoured for sea plastic campaign

PRIMARY and high school pupils in Ullapool have been recognised for their campaign work promoting and protecting marine life in the north-west Highlands.

Ross-shire Journal

31st December 2018


Attenborough comes out fighting for kelp.

Sir David Attenborough demands MSPs protect ‘globally important’ kelp beds.

October 25 2018 – The Times



Sir David Attenborough demands MSPs protect ‘globally important’ kelp beds

ITV REPORT – 24 October 2018

Sir David Attenborough demands MSPs protect ‘globally important’ kelp beds

Great Scot Awards 2018

Great Scot 2018: Meet the finalists ready for a night of tears, a night of smiles, a night for heroes. Meet the nominees for this year’s 28th Great Scot Awards – one of whom one will be crowned the overall Great Scot of 2018.


Daily Record – 8th October 2018

See also: Awards


Sea Life, Our Life Marine Conference  (held in Ullapool October 2018)

Sea Life, Our Life Marine Conference Ullapool








Parliamentary Mentions


Coverage of the Plastic Straw campaign:

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon praises Ullapool youngsters’ straw campaign

Here are all the places in Scotland banning plastic straws

Councils Across Scotland To Ban Plastic Straws