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The bin clip campaign began with a visit to the sea savers from one of the people that work on the local bin lorry. She asked for their help to tackle a couple of recurrent issues she was witnessing first hand with the blue recycling bins. The first being contamination – people putting the wrong things in their blue bin, resulting in the whole lot having to be sent to landfill instead. The second being the wind. She told them that a lot of the ‘litter’ around the village is actually the result of blue bins blowing open/over and the contents scattering.
After a trip to the dump, meetings with Highland Council and other research, we came up with a campaign to better educate people about what goes into the blue bins in Highland region, and to fabricate bin clips to hold the bins closed.
We've made hundreds of bin clips using bungee cords, a wooden tag and the clips our local oyster farmer uses to hold his oyster cages closed and we're are delivering them around the village. We hope to get one on every blue bin in the village!

Big thanks to the Highlands & Islands Climate Hub for supporting this campaign.

Remember to take your clip off take your clip offyour blue bin on bin day!

USS meeting wiith local bin lady.

Blue Bin Clips

Ullapool Sea Savers meet with local bin lady to discuss the Blue Blin Clips.
Stop Litter Spreading

The Rubbish Game

This is a fantastic game for raising awareness of what ought to go into the recycling bin. It's a useful  one for generating discussion at events and we've even played it at Holyrood with the MPSs and Scottish Government ministers!
The Rubbish Game
·      A simple but effective way to get people thinking and talking about what goes into their recycling system.
·      What you need:
·      One big black bucket.
·      3 smaller buckets in different colours.
·      A litter picker
·      A timer
·      A whiteboard to be the leader-board
·      Leaflets about what your local council will accept in mixed recycling.
·      A prize
What to do.
·      Label the three smaller buckets: Landfill, recycling, other
·      Fill the black bucket with (clean) items representing all the different types of rubbish – landfill, recyclable in household recycling bin, recyclable elsewhere (eg glass, batteries, soft plastics.)
·      Carefully tip out the black bucket and time contestants using the picker to sort the contents into the 3 smaller buckets.
·      Write results on the leaderboard
·      Give contestant a leaflet and talk through any questions/issues arising.
·      At end of event, pick a winner and award prizes.
Telling people about bin clips and running the rubbish game at Ullapool Primary School fun day

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