Boat Trips

Over the course of summer 2021 we ran a pilot programme of accessible boat trips in Mada Chuain . They were a huge success and feedback from the passengers, carers, family, friends and community as a whole has been massively popular.
The trips were geared toward addressing issues of isolation (already and issue, but much worse since the pandemic) and a lack of access to all the benefits of 'blue' mental health as well as bringing all the other well-documented health and well-being benefits  that time on the water can bring.

We were also delighted to enable inter-generational sharing of love of the sea. Ullapool is a fishing village, deeply rooted in the life of the sea. Many community members of all ages have fascinating stories to tell, and valuable experience to share...and yet are scarcely able to access the marine environment at all due to various barriers: logistical, financial, physical and many more. We've been working to overcome those obstacles and make it possible for everyone to spend time enjoying our amazing local marine environment, in the company of others who love it too!

We hope to resume these sessions as soon as Mada Chuain goes in the water for 2022.

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