Our amazing
Chasing M2 ROV

Our amazing Chasing M2 underwater drone, or ROV (remotely operated vehicle,) enables us to bring the amazing world beneath the waves to life on dry land. This is an invaluable tool for sharing the subsea marine environment with those that are unable to get down there themselves (by swimming, snorkelling or diving) and also for times when it is too cold to be easy for any of us. It has a robotic arm, which enables us to grab marine litter from the sea bed, and if the items are too large, we can use the arm to drop a grappling hook into it and haul it up that way.

We also plan to use it doing subsea surveying throughout the MPA and for general exploration of hidden depths all around the loch.

It is a complex and sophisticated machine and we are grateful to Foundation Scotland for supporting us to run a training programme for the kids to learn how to operate it properly.

Ullapool Sea Savers,
Quercus, Riverside Terrace,
Ullapool, IV26 2TE

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