A Bit About
The Consultants

The Consultants are the original Ullapool Sea Savers. They comprise the founder members along with others who joined in the early days, so they are also the oldest of our sea saving gang and much of their work these days involves guiding and mentoring the younger pods. We are really proud of this as an example of how well youth led groups work and how mush young people have to learn from each other when they are enabled to do so.

The Consultants still work hard promoting the species they champion individually as well, maintaining those invaluable connections with their counterpart Species Champions in the Scottish parliament and keeping the network of groups that have supported them and their species so well over the years. They also keep up with general correspondence on the topics and issues they feel strongly about and their depth of experience and knowledge is an invaluable asset to the group as a whole.
Arwen - The Sea Turtle Ambassador
Josh - The Dolphin Ambassador
Caillin - The Flame Shell Ambassador
Megan - The Sea Bird Ambassador
Hamish - The Porpoise Ambassador
Poppy - The Otter Ambassador
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